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Important Deadlines



15        Production Report & Acreage Report – Fruit (MI)

31        Sales Closing Date & Cancellations – Adjusted Gross Revenue
             Acreage Report – Fruit (PA)


1          Sales Closing Date & Cancellations– Onions


15       Sales Closing Date & Cancellations – All Crops except Wheat, Onion, Fruit and Forage

18        Production Report – Onions


29       Production Reporting Date – All Crops except Wheat, Onion, Fruit and Forage


10        Final Planting – Green Peas (early)

15        Final Planting – Onions
            Acreage Report – Hay (WI)
            Acreage Report – Forage (PA)

20        Final Planting – Oats, Sugar Beets, Barley (Lower Peninsula),
            Green Peas (mid)

30        Final Planting – Green Peas (late)

31        Final Planting – Popcorn, Hybrid Seed Corn, Barley (Upper Peninsula), Corn (WI), Spring Cabbage
            Acreage Report – Oats, Spring Cabbage
            Sales Closing Date & Cancellations – Nursery (MI)


5           Final Planting – Corn, Tomatoes (MI, IN, OH)

10         Final Planting – Corn, Soybeans (PA), Soybeans (WI)

15         Final Planting – Sweet Corn, Soybeans, Potatoes

20         Final Planting – Canning Beans, Grain Sorghum, Soybeans (OH, IN)

25         Final Planting – Dry Beans


1            Billing – Wheat, Forage, Nursery

15          Acreage Report – All crops except Wheat, Fruit, Canning Beans (All States)
               Final Planting – Canning Beans

20          Final Planting – Summer Cabbage

25          Acreage Report – Cabbage


1            Billing – Onions

15          Acreage Report – Canning Beans


15        End of Insurance – Green Peas (early, mid, late)
             Billing – Fruit

20        End of Insurance – Sweet Corn, Canning Beans

30        Sales Closing & Cancellations – Wheat, 
             Forage (WI, OH, IN, PA, MI)
             End of Insurance – Fruit, Wheat, Forage


1          Billing – All crops except Wheat, Onions, Fruit

5          Final Planting – Wheat (Northern Counties MI)

10        End of Insurance – Tomatoes
             Final Planting – Barley (PA)

15        End of Insurance – Potatoes, Onions, Forage
20        Final Planting – Wheat (IN, OH, PA)

25        Final Planting – Wheat (Southern Counties MI)

31        End of Insurance – Hybrid Seed Corn, Oats, Barley, Wheat,
             Dry Beans


14        Production Report – Wheat, Forage

15        Acreage Report – Wheat, Forage (PA, MI, IN, OH, WI)
             End of Insurance – Sugar Beets

20        Sales Closing Date & Cancellations – Fruit (WI, PA, MI)

25        End of Insurance – Cabbage


10        End of Insurance – Corn, Grain Sorghum, Soybeans, Popcorn

15        Production Report & Acreage Report – Fruit (WI)


  • Sales closing date - last day to apply for coverage.

  • Final planting date - last day to plant unless insured for late planting.

  • Acreage reporting date - last day to report the acreage planted. If not reported, insurance will not be in effect.

  • Date to file notice of crop damage - after damage; the date the producer decides to discontinue caring for the crop; prior to the beginning of harvest; immediately, if farmer determines that the crop is damaged after harvest begins; or the end of the insurance period, whichever is earlier.

  • End of insurance period - latest date of insurance coverage.

  • Payment due date - last day to pay the premium without being charged interest.

  • Cancellation date - last day to request cancellation of policy for the next year.

  • Production reporting date - last day to report production for Actual Production History (APH).

  • Debt termination date - date insurance company will terminate policy for nonpayment.

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