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Report A Claim

Here you can report a claim electronically.

If you find that submitting a claim by phone is easier, please contact your agent.



Jim Colville -      800-423-0801 or 989-240-2879


JC Colville -       877-4CROPMAN or 989-240-2880 


David Colville -   866-329-1314 or 773-299-3687


Scott Colville -    866-329-1314 or 616-560-8510


Ryan Colville -   877-4CROPMAN or 989-240-0645

When Reporting A Claim
  • If you have any questions about whether you have a claim or not, leave those concerns in the message section of the form below.

  • If you are unsure whether you have a claim or not, call your agent, or submit this form to us and we will help determine whether or not you have a claim.

  • Please fill out the form in it's entirety, or to the best of your ability using N/A if you are unsure what to put in a box.

Your details were sent successfully!

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